Naqsh School of Arts


Keeping in view Pakistan’s special geographical natural and social features, establishment of Naqsh Art Gallery, as a subsidiary of Naqsh School of Arts under the auspices of Babar Ali Foundation, is for pursuing artistic excellence.

Naqsh Art Gallery

At Naqsh Art Gallery we are striving to market the works of our resident artists. This activity is not purely commercial, it aims to financially support the School. The work done by these artists is bought by Pakistanis and foreigners. Naqsh Arts Complex is producing replicas/reproductions and original works of high quality. These include miniatures, calligraphy, mosaics, ceramics, sculpture and computer graphics. Buy affordable replicas and original artwork by students and emerging artists, and support the efforts of the Babar Ali Foundation, to provide art education to the under-privileged segment of the society. Our artists are producing:

  • Miniature paintings
  • Calligraphy – tughras (artistic rendering of your name)
  • Persian, Punjabi and Urdu couplets in calligraphy
  • Tile work

Babar Ali Foundation

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