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Calligraphy literally means ‘beautiful writing’.Contrary to other religions, Islamic artists choose beautiful and elegent writing styles to convey islamic ideologies and message.


We have one of the best calligraphists of Pakistan in Mr. Sher Zaman heading our Calligraphy Department.

Writing Quranic verses, Persian and Urdu poetry, on canvas in a unique style of calligraphy is the expertise of artists of Naqsh School.

In addition, slogans of production companies or business enterprises, logos of firms, banks, service providers and names of icons of society inscribed in different styles of calligraphy are also done by us.

Naqsh aims to spread the art of Calligraphy through video lessons and we have archived these video lessons which you can access through this website.

Selected Work of Calligraphy at Naqsh

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